11 Home and Away spoilers for next week

11 Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Away, Cash’s ruthless new approach to police work could land him in trouble.

Elsewhere, Marilyn opens up to Heather about why she abandoned her, while Tane considers his future after his day in court.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

1. Cash is accused of police brutality

Channel 5

Cash returns to work for the first time since the shooting incident, despite concerns that it may be too soon. His first shift sees Remi attacked by a mugger outside the Surf Club.

While Xander is treating Remi at the scene, Cash aggressively quizzes him for details on what happened. Rose is forced to push Cash away, alarmed by his intense attitude.

Later, Cash and Rose manage to track down the thief. Cash takes a forceful approach to the arrest, which concerns Rose further. When the criminal complains of police brutality, Rose can tell that this is likely to go further.

2. Marilyn is framed again

leah patterson and marilyn chambers in home and away

Channel 5

Marilyn struggles to defend herself after her social media account was used to send an abusive message to her adopted son Jett. Roo thinks that Marilyn could be in a bad place with her mental health again, but Alf thinks that somebody must have hacked into her account to cause trouble.

Later, Roo discovers that a false review has been left for her tutoring services online, which unfairly criticises her skills. Roo suspects that Marilyn is responsible, but Marilyn is upset to be doubted by the people closest to her.

3. Marilyn breaks into Heather’s caravan

marilyn chambers in home and away

Channel 5

Marilyn tries to appease her friends’ concerns over her mental health by making an appointment at the hospital. She’s vindicated when Bree confirms that her medication doesn’t need to be changed.

Later, Marilyn sneaks into Heather’s caravan, but Heather witnesses the break-in unfold. Heather calls the police, which leads to Cash arriving to confront Marilyn. When Marilyn refuses to explain her reasoning, Cash has no choice but to arrest her.

Heather puts on a show of forgiveness by deciding not to press charges against Marilyn. However, their tensions continue when Marilyn privately confronts Heather with the birth certificate she found in her caravan.

4. Heather is unable to forgive Marilyn

heather fraser in home and away

Channel 5

Marilyn finally acknowledges that she gave up responsibility for Heather when she was a baby. Marilyn blames Heather’s father for forcing her into this, but Heather thinks she should have fought harder to stay in her life.

When Marilyn speaks movingly about her regrets over how she handled things, Heather seems prepared to give her another chance. However, when Marilyn says that she isn’t ready to share Heather’s true identity with her friends yet, Heather is secretly furious.

5. Bree rejects Remi with surprising news

bree cameron in home and away

Channel 5

Remi is admitted to hospital after the attack outside the Surf Club. He continues to flirt with Bree, clearly enjoying being her patient.

When Remi is reunited with his guitar and Bree seems to be enjoying his music, Remi asks why she keeps on rejecting him. Bree sets the record straight that she’s married.

Bree explains that her husband Jacob is currently away on work duties, but they’ve been together since high school. Remi realises that he’ll have to move on from his feelings for Bree.

6. Justin messes up as Lyrik’s manager

justin morgan and theo poulos in home and away

Channel 5

Lyrik are struggling to stay on top of admin commitments for the band. Still desperate to be involved with the group in some way, Justin puts himself forward to be their manager.

Theo isn’t sure about having Justin involved in his music career any further, but ultimately agrees to hire him.

Soon enough, Justin finds himself embroiled in a negotiation with a venue for a Lyrik gig. Out of his depth and lacking confidence, Justin negotiates a low fee for the band and instantly regrets it.

7. Justin accepts advice from Leah – but blunders again

justin morgan and leah patterson in home and away

Channel 5

Justin admits to Leah that he has made a big mistake in his new role as Lyrik’s manager. Leah encourages him to call the venue back and renegotiate Lyrik’s fee.

Justin continues to lack confidence, especially when the venue tries to fob him off. Leah seizes the phone and takes over the negotiation, leaving Justin to watch and learn.

Later, Justin tries to take Leah’s advice on board by telling Mackenzie that they’ll have to renegotiate Lyrik’s current deal for regular gigs at Salt. Justin wants a bigger fee for the band, but Mac puts her foot down and cancels all future gigs.

8. Cash and Eden give into temptation

eden and cash newman in home and away

Channel 5

Although Cash remains moody, he agrees to a night out with his old flame Eden. The pair give into temptation and end up spending the night together.

The next morning, Cash’s demeanour changes as he’s cold towards Eden and encourages her to quickly leave. Eden is surprised by Cash’s behaviour, as this isn’t the guy she knew in the past.

9. Ziggy hides her pregnancy

embargo 03102022 dean thompson and ziggy astoni in home and away

Channel 5

Now that Ziggy has decided to keep the baby, she focuses on trying to keep her morning sickness secret. Ziggy is determined not to share her news with anyone until she’s had the 12-week scan.

Dean suggests that Ziggy should confide in Justin since he’s her boss. Still full of excitement, Dean seems keen to share the news with as many people as possible. Ziggy puts her foot down by insisting on sticking to their original plan.

10. Tane and Nikau try to move on

nikau and tane parata in home and away

Channel 5

Tane and Nikau return from court and are relieved that they were cleared of all charges in relation to the biker gang drama. Unfortunately, the local community can never know about their cooperation with the police.

Nikau fears that their friends and neighbours will always assume the worst, but he’s pleasantly surprised when his boss John takes a no-questions-asked approach.

Tane considers a total fresh start by selling the gym, partly as he feels guilty over it being bought with Ari’s stolen money. Nikau encourages his uncle not to make any hasty decisions and suggests using the Taiaha for some spiritual guidance.

11. Xander responds to news of a death

xander and rose delaney in home and away

Channel 5

Xander seems to be in a positive place with his role as a local paramedic, but Rose becomes concerned when her brother is told that one of his patients has died at the hospital. Traditionally, Xander has struggled to cope with similar tragedies, seeking comfort by getting tattoos to commemorate lost patients.

Xander tells Rose that he’s not worried as the woman in question died from a heart condition and he wasn’t at any fault. Rose remains sceptical, fearful that her sibling could find himself back in a dark state of mind.

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