Stellar Blade: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more | Digital Trends

Stellar Blade: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more | Digital Trends

You might recall this title but find that the name doesn’t match up. If so, you aren’t wrong — what was originally revealed as Project EVE has been given the official title of Stellar Blade. This game caught the eye of fans of stylish character-action titles in the same vein as the Bayonetta or Devil May Cry games, only with a very unique sci-fi-inspired setting. It is only with the recent reveal of the official title that concrete information about Stellar Blade has started to trickle out.

Thanks to a great showing at Sony’s September 2022 State of Play, Stellar Blade has captured the attention of tons of curious gamers. However, most of the game’s important details still either remain unknown or hidden in other sources. There’s no need for you to hack in and try to scrub all this data for yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about Stellar Blade.

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Release date

With the reveal of the name, we did get a release window for Stellar Blade, though not one exactly as precise as one would hope. For now, we just know that the game is expected to launch at some point in 2023. Given how close we already are to that year starting, odds are it will fall sometime in the latter half, if not the fall or winter season.


A red haired girl.

One thing that is set in stone is that Stellar Blade will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. While this does leave some potential for a PC port, any Xbox, Nintendo, or even PlayStation 4 players will, unfortunately, miss out on this one.


The first trailer to drop after getting its official title was at the previously-mentioned State of Play.

We open on an old man who is heavily integrated with various machines, including most of, if not all of, his brain. He speaks of a time when humanity was overcome by some force before we cut to the interior of a ship.

Here, we’re introduced to the city of the abandoned, Xion. We cut to our protagonist, Eve, activating some sort of generator or device that powers up a massive room where thousands of people are kept in “deep sleep” due to lack of energy.

Another cut shows us the enemy for the first time: a NA:tive. This is a disturbing beast with elongated limbs and a massive, long mouth with rows of vertical teeth and a blade in each hand. Another shown is more heavy, swinging two bulging fists. We see Eve fighting them, as well as robotic foes, with a blade, gun, and some type of ability.

After more gameplay, we come back to the old man asking if Eve can save them “this time.”

This leaves almost more questions than it answers, but the accompanying blog post does add a little more context to what we’ll be doing in Stellar Blade, as well as why the name was chosen. The name is meant to combine the Latin meaning of stellar, “stars,” and blade to represent Eve’s reason for existing.

The blog explains that Eve and her team will come to earth on a mission to take back the world after near extinction. You will have the choice to aid the people of Xion as well, though this is entirely up to you as a player.


Eve kneeling with her sword.

The trailer blitzes through a lot of gameplay, but it does get the point across of what type of game Stellar Blade is. It will combine melee and ranged attacks, as we see Eve mainly wield her sword to pull off combos but also have access to a gun. The pace seems very fast and perhaps somewhat Souls-like in some nature as well, with major emphasis put on dodging and parrying incoming attacks. The same blog explains that you will learn things called Beta and Burst Skills that will be “pleasing to the eye.”

Boss fights are also heavily emphasized as being far more difficult than your normal enemy encounters, though no more was said on the matter specifically.


A overgrown city.

Stellar Blade will be a completely single-player experience. No multiplayer modes will be offered.


A ship flying to a tower.

Since Stellar Blade could technically come out as late as December of 2023 right now and may even get delayed, no pre-order information has been given. Once the team has settled on a solid release date, we will tell you exactly how you can opt-in to help save humanity in this beautiful-looking action title on the PS5.

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