The best Call of Duty: Warzone Lienna 57 loadout | Digital Trends

The best Call of Duty: Warzone Lienna 57 loadout | Digital Trends

Seemingly, the final weapon added to Call of Duty: Warzone is the Lienna 57, which is available to unlock right now as part of Season 5 Reloaded. This is a long-range LMG, which falls in line with other rifles such as the UGM-8, STG-44, Vargo 52, and Grau 5.56. The Lienna is worth unlocking — which is done by earning 15 longshot eliminations with any weapon. As always, building a new firearm can be a chore since there are 70 different attachments to choose from.

Here, we’ll show you the best way to build the Lienna 57 and how to use it effectively in Warzone.

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Lienna 57 overview

First, let’s take a closer look at the new Lienna 57 so you’re aware of how it works. It’s an LMG, so of course, it’ll naturally feel sluggish compared to assault rifles. Though what it lacks in mobility, it makes up for in other ways. Most importantly, the Lienna has a faster time to kill (TTK) than the Grau 5.56, the STG-44, and the Vargo 52 — all of which are meta weapons currently. The UGM-8 has the potential to take down opponents quicker, but the Lienna 57 actually has a faster bullet velocity, meaning you’ll have an easier time hitting your shots.

On paper, this weapon is a top meta contender, but how well you perform with it might ultimately come down to the way it feels. To make it easier to use, you’ll want to build it to excel at long-range, with attachments that reduce its recoil, increase its bullet velocity, and improve its handling.

The best Lienna 57 loadout

The Lienna 57 in Warzone.

Recommended loadout:

Muzzle MX Silencer
Barrel Frei 432mm Shrouded
Optic G16 2.5x
Stock Wenger NH Adjustable
Underbarrel M1941 Hand Stop
Magazine 8mm Klauser 75 Round Drum
Ammunition Lengthened
Rear grip Hatched Grip
Perk Tight Grip
Perk 2 On-Hand

Start by equipping the MX Silencer Muzzle, which is standard for most long-range builds. This gives the weapon sound suppression and improves its horizontal and vertical recoil control while boosting its damage range. Then, we recommend using the Frei 432mm Shrouded Barrel for better recoil control and accuracy, along with reduced scope sway and gun bob. This is ideal for those long-range engagements.

When it comes to an Optic, we almost always advise using the G16 2.5x, but it’s best to utilize what you’re comfortable with. Next, equip the Wenger NH Adjustable Stock, which improves recoil control when mounted and crouched while also giving you better recoil during sustained fire. To help make the weapon easier to control, it’s best to utilize the M1941 Hand Stop. This will come in handy, especially during those long-range battles.

For this build, we like using the 8mm Klauser 75 Round Drum Magazine to ensure you’ve got plenty of ammo to take on multiple opponents at once. This also improves recoil control, fire rate, and movement speed, so it’s easily the best choice. You can drop down to the smaller Klauser 50 Round Mag if you’re playing Solos or Duos, preserving some of the weapon’s mobility. Of course, with this being a ranged build, you should use the Lengthened Ammunition type, giving you faster bullet velocity. This impacts how much you need to lead your shots.

The Hatched Grip is ideal for this build, as it improves recoil control and flinch resistance, making it easier to continue landing your shots. Then, to improve accuracy and recoil control during sustained fire, we highly recommend going with the Tight Grip Perk. Finally, for Perk 2, we recommend On-Hand, which improves your aim down sights speed.

Perk 1 Quick Fix
Perk 2 Tempered
Perk 3 Amped

There are several viable Perk combinations, but we typically gravitate to one specific setup for most long-range builds. For Perk 1, Quick Fix is ideal, immediately triggering health regeneration after securing an elimination or applying an armor plate. Next, go with Tempered for Perk 2. This allows you to reach max armor with only two plates instead of three. As for your third Perk, Amped is always a solid choice, allowing you to swap weapons faster.

Lethal Equipment Semtex
Tactical Equipment Stims

The Equipment meta is restricted to just a handful of items, so this Loadout will likely look like your other long-range setups. For Lethal, we like to use Semtex grenades, though Frags or Throwing Knives are good, depending on your playstyle. Finally, we always advise using Stims, which immediately trigger health regeneration, even in the gas.

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