Track your backlog from your pocket - IGN

Track your backlog from your pocket – IGN

IGN Playlist is our free tool that gives you the power to track your backlog across all of your platforms, rate games, get HowLongToBeat time estimates, discover what to play, and create, remix, and share playlists of games with anyone in the world. It’s made by gamers for gamers. Register or log in with your IGN account to check it out.

Since we launched IGN Playlist this past April, tens of thousands of you have jumped in to track your games, and create and share playlists with each other. Behind the scenes, the team has been working on a season of updates like more robust community discovery, support to track your platforms, and bringing our game library tracking tool to mobile. Today we’re excited to announce that Playlist is now available on the iOS App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.

Here’s an overview of IGN Playlist for mobile:

  • Mobile-first Experience — While we launched Playlist on the web, our true vision for the product was mobile-first. We took all of the lessons we learned while developing the desktop web version of Playlist, and leveraged that to create an improved mobile-first experience for backlog tracking and discovery. On the web, Playlist will remain a core part of IGN’s site, but this new app is a focused Playlist experience.
  • Long Press — With Playlist in an app, we get access to all sorts of shortcuts that browsers can make less fluid. You can long-press any game in a list or in Discover to engage multi-select mode. This is especially handy when creating new lists, batch managing your library, or tracking your platforms.
  • Wax on, Wax Off — When you’re browsing a collection of playlists from the Discover tab, you can swipe between open lists to browse them quickly. It works the same way when you’re browsing games within any playlist. Once you have a game open, you can swipe left and right between games in a playlist.
  • Cover View — Tap the new “playing card” Cover View icon to Browse a list of popular games you may want to add to your library, or start building a playlist with.
  • Improved Sharing — On the web, when you share a game or Playlist, we copy a URL to your clipboard. On the Playlist app, we’re able to bring you your operating systems share sheet — meaning it’s way easier to share your lists on social, Discord, or even text to a friend.
  • Light, Dark, and Darker — We’re excited to launch the Playlist app with theme options to suit your needs. You can rock light mode, dark mode, match your system theme, or even a brand new power-save mode for OLED screens that uses pure black to squeeze as much battery life as possible from your device. It can be “none more black”.
  • Ecological Footprint — We don’t think it’s great that so many apps eat up so much of our phone space, the Playlist app clocks in under 30MB at launch, and we’re trying to be as diligent as possible to keep the app optimized, and efficient on your space, data, and battery!

Congratulations to the entire team of designers, engineers, product folks and more that have brought us here — I want to specifically call out our Ukrainian developers, folks who have worked on this app under extraordinary circumstances and have put in above and beyond everything expected to bring this to you. We’ll continue to work to keep the Playlist app in sync with web features, and even chart new territory on features that we think you’ll love. This milestone is just the beginning, join our discord community to chat with the Playlist Pioneers who’ve been there since day one, and chat with the team that works on Playlist. We can’t wait to see what you make.

There’s already so many playlists to discover games from, including ones that catalogue games on services like PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. One of my favorite lists to follow is our “This Week on Podcasts” playlist — we update it ever week with the titles that are discussed on shows like GameScoop!, Unlocked, Beyond, and NVC. Check it out:

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