Coronation Street star Harriet Bibby discusses twist in baby plot

Coronation Street star Harriet Bibby discusses twist in baby plot

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Harriet Bibby has opened up about the upcoming Summer Spellman pregnancy storyline on Coronation Street as newcomer Esther makes a shock proposition.

Scenes airing next week will see Summer discover she is expecting a baby, though Esther (Waterloo Road‘s Vanessa Hehir) suggests that Summer allows her to adopt the child, especially as her and husband Mike are unable to conceive their own baby.

Harriet has admitted that Summer is “completely shocked” by the proposal, especially as she doesn’t really know the couple and only met them the week prior for the first time.


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“I think she knows that they are good people and she trusts that her judgement of them is a good one but Summer has a strong moral compass and as soon as they suggest it she’s debating in her head: ‘Is this even right? Is this illegal?'” she explained.

“It sounds crazy to her but then when she speaks to Esther, she connects to her as a woman. I think she understands and really sympathises with her position that she just wants to be a mother. I think when Summer starts to understand that she softens and actually considers the proposal, it’s a big consideration.”

Opening up further on whether Summer’s decision will be her own or influenced by others, Harriet suggested that “she’s got to make her own decision”, though her own upbringing does weigh on her mind too.

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“Something else that factors into this is that Summer was adopted,” she continued. “She doesn’t know who her biological parents are, and she’s really happy with the way that her life has turned out being with Billy.

“So to think that her baby would have a better life somewhere else, if that’s something she feels she can’t provide, then it’s not something she’s opposed to. I do think sometimes there’s too many cooks in the kitchen in Summer’s life.

“There are so many different opinions and it’s not like everyone in Summer’s life thinks that one decision is the right decision. Everyone’s telling her to do different things and I think when it boils down to it it’s Summer that’s going to have to step up and say, no, this is what I want to do.”

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Of course, Summer has been through many challenges lately, and asked whether Summer deserves a break or whether she herself enjoys the storylines, Harriet replied: “A bit of both really, Summer just wants this normal life, to get herself a job, get back on track a little bit and to find herself again because she lost that during the last year.

“But then yes, she just keeps getting these curveballs and it’s like, okay, here’s another hurdle that I’m gonna have to deal with. So yeah, I was quite shocked, but I was so excited, because obviously, you want to be able to do these stories, you want these curveballs.

“There are so many different opinions about this storyline and so many conversations to be had that it’s really exciting to play. I feel so lucky that they are keeping me busy and that people are enjoying seeing me on screen, I don’t think I’d have it any other way.”

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