14 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

14 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week’s Coronation Street will see Stephen try to hide the truth about Leo, while Daniel and Daisy make a big decision about their future.

Meanwhile, George is unnerved by Eileen’s new personality.

Here’s a look at 14 big moments hitting your screens.

1. Stephen tries to cover his tracks


When Jenny and Teddy arrange to meet up to discuss finding Leo, Stephen worries that they’ll uncover the truth.

In a bid to stop them digging further, Stephen takes a picture of the pair and sends it to Teddy from Leo’s phone, warning Teddy never to contact him again.

Undeterred, Teddy decides to go to Canada and speak to Leo.

2. Gabrielle puts more pressure on Stephen

stephen reid, gabrielle reid, coronation street


Stephen faces further stress when Gabrielle demands he pay her back and warns him he’s running out of time.

When Audrey requests Stephen’s help to turn off notifications on her phone, he spots a perfect opportunity to get Gabrielle off his back. He tells Gabrielle that the insurance broker will be calling and if Gabrielle pretends to be Audrey, she’ll get her money back.

Meanwhile, Gail suggests it might be time for Stephen to move on now that Audrey is feeling better. However, Audrey has an announcement that derails Stephen’s plans.

3. Stephen deals with a new crisis

todd boyce as stephen reid, coronation street


Audrey and Sam fill Stephen in on their plans to see the Northern Lights in Canada and suggest staying in one of Stephen’s properties to save some money. Stephen tries to mask his panic.

Stephen later convinces Gail that the Canadian climate will be too harsh for the pair and makes alternative holiday arrangements for Audrey and Sam.

4. Daniel struggles with Sinead’s anniversary

daniel osbourne, coronation street


When Daisy admits to Daniel that she’s struggling with the idea of moving into the flat as it holds so many memories of Sinead, she’s taken aback when Daniel snaps at her.

However, when Adam reveals to Daisy that Sinead’s anniversary is coming up, she feels guilty.

On Sinead’s anniversary, Daniel takes Bertie to Victoria Gardens and then drops him off with Beth. Daniel finds Daisy and tells her about his emotional day but insists that he’d really like the three of them to live together.

5. Daisy questions her commitment

daniel osbourne, daisy midgeley, coronation street


Having resolved to focus on their future together, Daniel and Daisy welcome Bertie back after his day with Beth. However, the youngster leaves everyone shocked when he calls Daisy “mummy”.

Later, Daisy recounts the events to Jenny and reveals that the situation has made her question if she’s ready to make such a big commitment to Daniel and Bertie. Jenny advises Daisy that she will regret it if she lets Daniel go.

6. Daisy and Daniel are left homeless

daisy midgeley, coronation street


With their plans under way to live together, Daisy and Daniel get their wires crossed and both wrongly assume that they’re moving in with the other.

Glenda proposes taking Daisy’s room at The Rovers, meanwhile Paul offers Daniel’s room to Dee Dee.

When Daisy and Daniel meet each other, both carrying their belongings, they realise they have nowhere to live. Ken comes to the rescue and offers them a place to stay with him – much to Tracy’s annoyance.

7. Eileen suffers a fall

gail rodwell, eileen grimshaw, george shuttleworth, coronation street


When Glenda arrives at Number 11 with a huge pumpkin and announces her plans to carve it for a display at The Rovers, Eileen is less than impressed. She suggests Glenda is treating her house like a workshop and heads out with the pumpkin.

On the street, Eileen bumps into Gail and takes a tumble. George and Sean try to revive Eileen but when she regains consciousness, they’re stunned as Eileen appears uncharacteristically calm and cheerful.

8. George is unnerved by Eileen’s new personality

george shuttleworth, coronation street


Having embraced her new outlook on life, Eileen tells George that she intends to spoil him. George confides in Sean that the all-new Eileen is beginning to scare him.

Later, Eileen explains the reason behind her changed personality. She reveals to George that she saw a glimpse of heaven after the fall, and it has left her feeling at peace.

George and Sean are confused as Eileen informs them about the bright light she saw, the sweet smell, and strange music she experienced.

9. George tells Eileen the truth about what happened

eileen grimshaw, george shuttleworth, coronation street


Todd is shocked when Eileen arrives home, laden with a shopping bag and tells them of her plans to have a big cook-up for the soup kitchen. Todd tells George that there’s clearly something wrong with Eileen, but it seems like George has a logical explanation for everything.

Having learned of Eileen’s brush with heaven, Mary decides to write about Eileen’s experience for The Inexplicable.

With the situation beginning to get out of hand, George is forced to tell Eileen the truth. How will she react?

10. Summer receives a shocking proposal

summer spellman, coronation street


Summer informs Aaron that she has made an appointment with Dr Gaddas to discuss an abortion. After the appointment, she admits to Aaron that she’s feeling upset about the situation.

However, Summer is in for a shock when Esther learns of Summer’s plans to terminate the pregnancy and offers her money to change her mind.

Billy is horrified to discover that Esther is trying to buy Summer’s baby and later makes it clear to Summer that he disapproves of her planned abortion. Todd tries to make Billy see sense and help him realise that Summer needs his support.

11. Bernie tries to track down Fern

bernie winter, coronation street


Having been framed by Fern for theft, Bernie takes matters into her own hands and enlists Dev’s help to search the recycling for the clothes packaging with Fern’s address.

Even though she finds the packaging, the address isn’t fully legible, and Bernie fails to track down Fern.

Dev realises that Bernie is struggling and being made to feel unwelcome by her family, so suggests she move into Number 5.

12. Toyah feels rejected by Spider

toyah battersby, spider nugent, coronation street


Toyah, Spider and Peter meet up with Griff, who invites them along to a music gig. Toyah and Spider decide to give it a miss and spend some time together instead.

However, Spider’s plans are ruined when his boss informs him that it’s necessary that he attend the gig.

When Spider tells Toyah that he’s going to the gig with Griff after all, she’s hurt.

13. Fiz fears the past will be raked up again

tyrone dobbs, fiz stape, coronation street


When Fiz learns that Tyrone has signed up for a Taekwondo course, she thinks nothing of it until Sean reminds her that Tyrone’s affair with Alina began at yoga class. Fiz worries that history might repeat itself.

However, this is the least of Fiz’s concerns when she later receives a call from a journalist wanting to run a story about John Stape for the Gazette.

Fiz is shocked to learn that the Gazette is planning to serialise a book about John in the paper. Tyrone suggests Phill is to blame, but is he right?

14. Sam and Hope continue to keep secrets

sam blakeman, coronation street


Having gone behind Nick’s back and sent another letter to Harvey, Sam confides in Hope that he’s worried a response will arrive while he’s away.

Sam considers telling Nick the truth, but Hope won’t hear of it. She tells him that according to her online gaming friend, Mad Dog, you should never tell adults any secrets.

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