15 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

15 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, Harvey is back with some surprising news for Leanne.

Elsewhere, Aggie and Tim continue to face the consequences after their secret connection is exposed, while Stu and Yasmeen’s lives could be about to change forever.

Here’s a full collection of 15 big moments coming up.

1. Leanne visits Harvey in secret


Leanne can’t relax until she knows why Harvey has sent her a visiting order. Although she and Nick have agreed to ignore Harvey, secretive Leanne lies about her plans for the day and heads off to visit him in prison.

Harvey surprises Leanne with the news that Sam has been writing to him. Not thrilled about being hassled by a geeky schoolboy, Harvey wants it to stop.

2. Nick and Leanne confront Sam

nick tilsley and natasha blakeman


When Leanne arrives home, she comes clean to Nick about her secret prison visit. Nick is alarmed to hear that Sam is writing to Harvey.

The couple confront Sam, who insists that he just wants answers over why Harvey killed Natasha.

Sam offers to stop writing to Harvey if he can pay a visit to the villain instead. Nick and Leanne refuse to consider it, but Sam ominously warns that he’ll find a way.

3. Audrey tries to reason with Sam

sue nicholls as audrey roberts in coronation street


Sam’s loved ones gather at the Bistro for a memorial lunch held in Natasha’s honour. Sam refuses to forget about his mission, telling the whole Platt family that he wants a chance to meet Harvey to find out the reason Natasha was killed.

Audrey steps up by trying to persuade Sam that it’s not a good idea. Nick is relieved when he’s led to believe that Sam has been talked round.

4. Sam continues to sneak around

sam blakeman, coronation street


Sam confides in Hope about how he has defied Nick’s wishes by sending another secret letter to Harvey. Hope supports Sam’s new-found rebellious streak.

When Harvey receives Sam’s latest letter, he’s amused to find that it contains a questionnaire to fill in about his violent past.

5. Stu and Yasmeen receive surprising news

yasmeen metcalfe and stu carpenter, coronation street


Stu’s ex-wife Lucy and daughter Bridget are both charged with Charlie’s murder. The pair decide to plead guilty to their crimes.

Bridget calls Stu from prison, asking him to take care of Eliza for her. Stu and Yasmeen are both shocked by the request, but they know they have to step up for the sake of Stu’s granddaughter.

6. Stu and Yasmeen are left disappointed

yasmeen metcalfe, coronation street


Stu and Yasmeen investigate the possibility of welcoming Eliza into their home, so they consult with social services.

Social worker Felicity soon breaks the news that Eliza will be taken into care until Stu’s own murder conviction has been quashed.

7. Fern deceives Bernie

coronation street


Having discouraged Bernie from applying for a job with a high-end cleaning agency, sneaky Fern attends an interview with the firm instead. She’s pleased when she secures a position there under Bernie’s name.

Fern is sent to clean at a jewellery shop. When the owner leaves her to lock up, Fern realises that she’s in a lucrative position to engage in criminal behaviour without consequence.

8. Bernie is arrested

bernie winter, coronation street


Fern returns for another shift at the jewellery shop, dressed in Bernie’s clothes. Once the owner heads out for lunch, shameless Fern robs the place.

Later, Bernie is horrified when the police arrive to arrest her on suspicion of theft. She’s baffled by the situation, until the officer shows her CCTV footage of the incident.

Bernie realises that her lookalike has cunningly framed her, but can she prove this to the police?

9. Bernie is released

bernie  winter, coronation street


Under stern questioning from the police, Bernie protests that Fern is responsible for the jewellery shop theft. The police are sceptical, while Bernie’s partner Dev may also need some convincing that a ruthless lookalike is to blame.

Bernie gives the police a contact number for Fern, but it’s out of service and there’s seemingly no trace of her. Bernie is released pending further inquiries, but it’s clear that her ordeal is far from over.

10. Aggie and Tim face a backlash

tim metcalfe, aggie bailey, coronation street


Sally makes further discoveries about the extent of Aggie and Tim’s recent secret friendship. She’s upset to learn that Tim even bought Aggie a necklace.

Sally tells Aggie that she’s upset over her husband’s behaviour and wants her to leave Tim alone from now on. Aggie feels guilty over the situation and apologises to Ed for keeping the friendship secret.

11. Chesney finds a positive pregnancy test

chesney brown, coronation street


A charity clothes swap takes place on the Street, where Gemma buys a jacket. Chesney gets a shock when he finds a positive pregnancy test stashed away inside.

Gemma assures Chesney that the test must have belonged to the jacket’s previous owner. Chesney is relieved that their huge family won’t be expanding any further, while Gemma becomes determined to find out who’s pregnant.

12. Paul discovers the truth about the test

paul foreman in coronation street


Gemma’s detective work sees her suspect that Daisy or Carla could have been the jacket’s previous owner.

Paul realises that the jacket belonged to Summer, although he respects her privacy and covers his shock in front of Gemma. How will Summer react when Paul confronts her about the test?

13. Summer receives a surprising offer

summer spellman, coronation street


Summer reunites with Aaron and the young couple agree to make a joint decision about the baby. Although Summer holds back from telling Billy about her news, Paul lets it slip when they all meet for lunch at The Rovers.

Billy’s parishioner Esther overhears the situation and approaches Summer in private, explaining that she and her husband Mike can’t have children. Summer and Aaron are both shocked to learn that Esther and Mike would be interested in adopting their child.

14. Leo’s fate could be revealed

stephen reid ,leo, coronation street


Jenny grows increasingly upset over Leo’s lack of contact since his supposed move to Canada. She’s still unaware that Leo is dead after a dangerous showdown with Stephen.

Stephen pretends to be sympathetic towards Jenny, but his scheming comes under threat when Leo’s dad Teddy visits the pub. Teddy explains that Leo hasn’t been in touch and he thinks it’s time to report him to the police as a missing person. What will Stephen do now?

15. Daniel and Daisy reach a crossroads

daniel osbourne daisy midgeley, coronation street


Daniel tells Daisy that he’d like her to move in with him properly, but Daisy isn’t totally happy over the suggestion.

Daisy tells Jenny that she’d prefer getting a new place with Daniel, as the many memories of Sinead at the flat would make her feel uncomfortable.

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